Welcome to the IVFtech family.

IVFtech is a company producing high quality, customisable equipment for IVF laboratories.

The art and science of human assisted reproduction often demands personalised solutions where strict considerations must be given to the culture conditions and the growth environment of gametes and embryos. Key factors for success rely on providing a steady temperature close to 37°C and secure an atmosphere with the right humidity and CO2 concentration.

IVFtech knows that not all laboratories are the same, that’s why IVFtech combines the bespoke nature of our products with a high quality and service level.

Custom products and services are, by definition, unique. Each is produced to order.

MEA tested HI-MACS® table-tops

The cabinet with HI-MACS table-top is a unique product from IVFtech designed especially for the IVF market.

The advantages of HI-MACS table-tops are:

1) The HI-MACS table-tops are impact-resistant, scratch-resistant and wear-resistant.

2) HI-MACS table-tops are warm to the touch with a non-porous, smooth surface that meets the most exacting hygiene requirements.

3) HI-MACS products are available in a variety of colours.

Vision statement

Our vision is to provide the best possible reliability and quality in our products and to be recognized as a company of honesty, commitment, integrity with high quality service.

Mission statement

Our mission is to supply the best, customized solutions for your IVF laboratory.

This includes  providing a secure atmosphere with  reliable temperature, humidity and CO2 equilibrium. This is what IVFtech is all about.

Values statement

At IVFtech we are responsible for our customers, our employees and their families. We are responsible for the environment and the society we live in. In carrying out our responsibilities, we do not take any professional or ethical shortcuts to fulfill our obligations.

IVFtech is a family run business with 3 generations of the family working and helping to contribute to our success so we appreciate shared values ​​and that all our employees also feel a strong attachment to the family.

Our strength comes from employees with enthusiasm, high motivation, strong will and true joy.

Our values ​​reflect how we work to solve everyday tasks. It is based on four concepts: Business Sense, freedom with responsibility, simplicity and efficiency and a willingness to evolve.

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